HE and SHE

I’m sure you can imagine,
it’s as painful as can be
the place is very private,
the players are he and she.

She whispers, “will it hurt?
“of course not,” he replies,
“it’s just a simple process,
lay back and close your eyes.”

She says,”i’m very frightened,
I’ve never done this before.”
he started to convince her,
“it won’t hurt anymore.”

“now calm yourself, my darling,
faith heals sin,
now open slightly sideways,
so i can get it in.”

Suddenly with a jump,
she gave a little shout,
“it’s over, thank goodness,
you finally got it out!”

now if you read this carefully,
he’s a dentist as you’ll find,
it’s not what you’ve been thinking
it’s just your dirty mind.

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