The Addiction called Salary

Few Reasons why I hate it.

1) It is Limited.

2) I can’t Decide it on my own (No, I am not asking for a billion dollar cheque or May be I am ).

3) I have to wait for Thirty Days to Get it.

4) I have to care about the right side of the menu before ordering my meal.

5) I have to do work which i am not passionate about.

6) I have to lie about it to people, when they ask. and hence commit a sin.

7) My choices are limited to my Cash Inflow.

8) I have to wait for Years before it gets doubled.

9) My wishlist is still waiting to be ticked of and may have to wait forever.


Three United States two-dollar banknotes in se...

If i could have more of it.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


How do I get Rid of it ??

1) Decide what i love to do.

2) This way i wont have to wait for a paycheck to fulfill my passions.

3) I can work as per my wishes and i would be doing what i want to do not what others want me to do.

4) Start a business out of it, people have made money selling stones, this will be much easier.

5) You will get to meet great people, and you will enjoy learning and being with them.

6) You will know who is you friend and who is not.

8) Don’t get into analysis paralysis, just do it, you wont regret it.

9) If you value freedom, then believe me, this is the best thing which will ever happen to you.


Campus to cubicle vs Campus to CEO

College is a great time of life, where we experiment, learn have an unlimited amount of fun without having to worry about anything. Education system in most of the countries conditions us to get a good job in a cool environment and safety of a lifetime, till next recession or economic  slowdown. some of us move on a different path and try to get out of the rat race by doing something on our own, like starting up a business or venture or believing that our Idea can change the world.

Here are 11 reasons to support both perspectives about a good job and about starting up. You can go through them and share you views.


Thanks to Amrutash Mishra for Sharing this Presentation.

Kitabi Keeda…Birth of a Bookworm

It all started in a bus journey to Bangalore with Rajneesh, we were travelling in the night as both of us have the habit of not sleeping in the night during journeys. we had talked about every topic under the stars and still did not run out of conversation when we chanced upon this idea of starting an online library of old books where we would not charge for books but the reader has to exchange one book in order to borrow another book. Initially the idea came but also vanished as soon as it came, but was registered in my subconscious mind. finally i decided to work it out as once a week meetup in Bangalore where people will come and exchange their books and then return it a week later just to exchange another set of books.

After a lot of apprehension and Brainbeating I finally  arrived on the name KitabiKeeda the Hindi word for bookworm. And then started with the concept. created a facebook page for it and went ahead by sending the invitations to all my friends. finally first version of meetup was held on April 15th with Exchange of 8 books between three people with zero cost marketing.

I personally like to thank Nithun, Sujith, Noori, Lijo for being a part of it and helping me spread the word.

Click here to be a part of this open project.

Making “RIGHT” Decisions about Money !!

We’re bad at it. And marketers know this.

Consider: you’re buying a $30,000 car and you have the option of upgrading the stereo to the 18 speaker, 100 watt version for just $500 more. Should you?

Or perhaps you’re considering two jobs, one that you love and one that pays $2,000 more. Which to choose?


You are lucky enough to be able to choose between two colleges. One, the one with the nice campus and slightly more famous name, will cost your parents (and your long-term debt) about $200,000 for four years, and the other (“lesser” school) has offered you a full scholarship.

Which should you take?

In a surprisingly large number of cases, we take the stereo, even though we’d never buy a nice stereo at home, or we choose to “go with our heart because college is so important” and pick the expensive college. (This is, of course, a good choice to have to make, as most people can’t possibly find the money).

Here’s one reason we mess up: Money is just a number.

Comparing dreams of a great stereo (four years of driving long distances, listening to great music!) compared with the daily reminder of our cheapness makes picking the better stereo feel easier. After all, we’re not giving up anything but a number.

The college case is even more clear. $200,000 is a number that’s big, sure, but it doesn’t have much substance. It’s not a number we play with or encounter very often. The feeling about the story of compromise involving something tied up in our self-esteem, though, that feeling is something we deal with daily.

Here’s how to undo the self-marketing. Stop using numbers.

You can have the stereo if you give up going to Starbucks every workday for the next year and a half. Worth it?

If you go to the free school, you can drive there in a brand new Mini convertible, and every summer you can spend $25,000 on a top-of-the-line internship/experience, and you can create a jazz series and pay your favorite musicians to come to campus to play for you and your fifty coolest friends, and you can have Herbie Hancock give you piano lessons and you can still have enough money left over to live without debt for a year after you graduate while you look for the perfect gig…

Suddenly, you’re not comparing “this is my dream,” with a number that means very little. You’re comparing one version of your dream with another version.

Reproduced from seth godin’s blog.

Think Different

Came across a Poster which Apple used to ship along with its products in late nineties. But it still holds the Same Relevance and Inspires to the Core.

Steve Jobs

Think Different poster by Apple -1997

You can find the video of The Advertisement Here.

The Video can be Downloaded from in Mov Format by Clicking Here.

Starting Out

Its been Long since I Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V ‘ed my last Post  on Blogger. The purpose was to evolve from a copy paster to write something meaningful which could help me and a lot of people who accidentally stumble upon this post.

One thing that intrigues me a lot is the ability of the people to settle into their comfort zone and live a mediocre life. every person i meet wants to get out of this rat race and create something or do something on their own. And when you ask them the reason, why they stick to their current life. they can come up with a million reasons like lack of money, once i gather some cash i will start, or it is easier said than done, i can’t give up my job for my family blah blah blah.

Well i don’t blame people who love to stay into mediocrity or are happy from their paid jobs, i have seen really brilliant people in my office who if they want can get into the startup route and break free of the cubicle route. Recently I went to appathon by where we had to create apps for windows phone. I did not had any idea how to create apps for any phone, but i just had an idea about what i wanted to create. I wrote a plan how i wanted to achieve it and started by the writing hello world program in c#. and then we worked out solutions for various problems which we encountered and finally were ready with the app. although unfortunately we could not be there for the showcase as i had to move for an urgent task which came up while developing. but the lesson i learnt was if you want to create something just go ahead and do it. don’t have any apprehensions everything will start working out once you get started. and now since i have started this. i wish you well to get started on the way to realize your dreams. and we can update each other as we proceed further.

Till then, Keep Evolving…