Things to do Before I Die

I Always Thought of Putting up a Bucket List of Things I Wanted to Do, And see how Much I can Accomplish.

1)      Sky Diving

2)      Scooba Diving

3)      Hitch Hicking across the Country

4)      Living a Minimalist Life (Maximum 10 Items)

5)      Spending a week without money and other necessities

6)      Educating an unprivileged child

7)      Meet Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee

8)      Meet Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

9)      Meet Lance Armstrong

10)   Meet Field Marshal SHFJ Manekshaw (Unfortunately He Passed Away in Jun 2008)

11)   Own a Stock Brokerage Firm

12)   Start An Educational Institution

13)   Work in a Non Profit, NGO

14)   Join Politics

15)   Fall in Love

16)   White Water Rafting

17)   Bungee Jumping from a Cliff

18)   Run a Complete Marathon

19)   Complete Four Deserts Race

20)   Own a Library

21)   Direct a Movie

22)   A 1000+ Km Road Trip By Bike

23)   Give a TED Talk

24)  Appear on the Cover of TIME Magazine

And a Lot more to Come in Future, if you have any please add them in the Comments Section.

Please Get in Touch If you Can help me out in any of The Above


One comment on “Things to do Before I Die

  1. Deepika says:

    You can join Youth for Seva for educating underprivileged children.

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