Kitabi Keeda

You are a Kitabi Keeda if –

  1. You lose the track of time while reading.
  2. There is always a book under your pillow or on your bed.
  3. You consider buying Books(novels) a waste of Money since they become useless once you finish reading them.
  4. You can’t afford the British Library Membership (even i can’t, that’s why i started it).
  5. You always carry a book wherever you go.
  6. You believe eBooks can’t Replace the joy of printed editions.

Add your Reasons to be a Kitabi Keeda in Comments section.

If you too are a bookworm and do not have the patience or money to buy books or novels, you also can come to our next meetup and join the community by filling out the below form. And yeah its FREE… 🙂


3 comments on “Kitabi Keeda

  1. Rajnish says:

    Going good….all the best

  2. i consider myself a kitabi keeda but i dont think books are useless once they are read. there are so many things which become clearer whne you read a second or a third time. in fact many different aspects of a book can hit you only after four or five reads. i even have alist of books which i must read atleast once a year and this list just keeps growing. but i do read an average of one book in three days.

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