The Addiction called Salary

Few Reasons why I hate it.

1) It is Limited.

2) I can’t Decide it on my own (No, I am not asking for a billion dollar cheque or May be I am ).

3) I have to wait for Thirty Days to Get it.

4) I have to care about the right side of the menu before ordering my meal.

5) I have to do work which i am not passionate about.

6) I have to lie about it to people, when they ask. and hence commit a sin.

7) My choices are limited to my Cash Inflow.

8) I have to wait for Years before it gets doubled.

9) My wishlist is still waiting to be ticked of and may have to wait forever.


Three United States two-dollar banknotes in se...

If i could have more of it.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


How do I get Rid of it ??

1) Decide what i love to do.

2) This way i wont have to wait for a paycheck to fulfill my passions.

3) I can work as per my wishes and i would be doing what i want to do not what others want me to do.

4) Start a business out of it, people have made money selling stones, this will be much easier.

5) You will get to meet great people, and you will enjoy learning and being with them.

6) You will know who is you friend and who is not.

8) Don’t get into analysis paralysis, just do it, you wont regret it.

9) If you value freedom, then believe me, this is the best thing which will ever happen to you.


Campus to cubicle vs Campus to CEO

College is a great time of life, where we experiment, learn have an unlimited amount of fun without having to worry about anything. Education system in most of the countries conditions us to get a good job in a cool environment and safety of a lifetime, till next recession or economic  slowdown. some of us move on a different path and try to get out of the rat race by doing something on our own, like starting up a business or venture or believing that our Idea can change the world.

Here are 11 reasons to support both perspectives about a good job and about starting up. You can go through them and share you views.


Thanks to Amrutash Mishra for Sharing this Presentation.