My Height Depended on Whom I Was Dating – Amy Purdy

My Height Depended on Whom I Was Dating – Amy Purdy

A Brilliant Example of Positive Attitude and Optimism, and if you think You have Bigger problems then please view the whole talk and then think again.

If your life were A book, and you were the Author, How would you want the story to go? ¬†That’s the question that Changed my life for ever – Amy Purdy.

One of Best and Most Inspirational Ted Talks Ever.


Think Different

Came across a Poster which Apple used to ship along with its products in late nineties. But it still holds the Same Relevance and Inspires to the Core.

Steve Jobs

Think Different poster by Apple -1997

You can find the video of The Advertisement Here.

The Video can be Downloaded from in Mov Format by Clicking Here.