Dear Dad…

This Saturday morning when I came home after the overnight journey I was afraid that you will be angry upon getting to know that I had quit my job. I still remember how happy you were when I told you that I got selected in campus placements with the third largest IT service company in the world and was among the few people who got selected in the first ever in – campus placements held in the history of the college. I also remember that how lucky I was to get placed as I had only 59.95% at the time of placement.

You were happy to let everyone know that your son had finally become a SOFTWARE ENGINEER in a Multi National Company.  And now you won’t even have to answer to those who looked down on me because I was not selected for Army or didn’t secure a good rank in CET. You had to pour your whole life savings and part of Provident Fund to pay for my tuition fee. I can still remember when you used to run around to arrange those 1,25,000 Rupees for my fee. And how securely and tightly you used to carry those while traveling in the bus. I also remember those sweats of perspiration on your forehead when you used to hand over that money to my college president.

And now that I have left my well paying job when most of my friends are still unemployed, without any promise of future just for an idea in my mind about which even I get second thoughts sometimes, I assure you that I will never let you down and will fight for my dreams till I achieve them. You made me meet many people so they can knock some sense into my head. Now you are worried that here I am without a future. Left a company with over 90,000 employees where I could have gone abroad within one year and joined a startup with just 9 employees where I am not even sure that will be paid my monthly salary since I have not talked about it.

But dad, I want you to believe in me, just like you did when you held my finger and helped me walked for the first time, just like when you suddenly let go of the cycle from behind when I first learnt to ride it. May be I will stumble and fall but each time I fall I will stand stronger and try harder. Neighbors and relatives will ask you where do I work and you may have to face embarrassment as you do not understand the technology so you can’t explain it to them. But as always no one likes change and these people will change their tones according to season.

At this stage in life it is very difficult for me to make right decisions with the lack of experience. I know you will be saying that at 23 one doesn’t know anything about life. But trust me dad, I want to learn and that is why I have chosen a different path for myself instead of a safe day job.  I remember what you said yesterday:

“vinashkale , vipreet buddhi”

Which in English means, “at the time of doom even the thinking power betrays us”. I know you were angry and hurt about the foolish decisions I am making but I assure you dad these experiences will teach me much more than what I can learn in a thousand years of theory.

I am lucky to be born as your son and with all the qualities which you have cultivated into me I assure you that I will fulfill my dreams and passion and together we will rock the world.

With love and trust

Your Son

PS: Sorry for the disagreements we’ve had, will have a party after I become successful.


Starting Out

Its been Long since I Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V ‘ed my last Post  on Blogger. The purpose was to evolve from a copy paster to write something meaningful which could help me and a lot of people who accidentally stumble upon this post.

One thing that intrigues me a lot is the ability of the people to settle into their comfort zone and live a mediocre life. every person i meet wants to get out of this rat race and create something or do something on their own. And when you ask them the reason, why they stick to their current life. they can come up with a million reasons like lack of money, once i gather some cash i will start, or it is easier said than done, i can’t give up my job for my family blah blah blah.

Well i don’t blame people who love to stay into mediocrity or are happy from their paid jobs, i have seen really brilliant people in my office who if they want can get into the startup route and break free of the cubicle route. Recently I went to appathon by where we had to create apps for windows phone. I did not had any idea how to create apps for any phone, but i just had an idea about what i wanted to create. I wrote a plan how i wanted to achieve it and started by the writing hello world program in c#. and then we worked out solutions for various problems which we encountered and finally were ready with the app. although unfortunately we could not be there for the showcase as i had to move for an urgent task which came up while developing. but the lesson i learnt was if you want to create something just go ahead and do it. don’t have any apprehensions everything will start working out once you get started. and now since i have started this. i wish you well to get started on the way to realize your dreams. and we can update each other as we proceed further.

Till then, Keep Evolving…