Kitabi Keeda…Birth of a Bookworm

It all started in a bus journey to Bangalore with Rajneesh, we were travelling in the night as both of us have the habit of not sleeping in the night during journeys. we had talked about every topic under the stars and still did not run out of conversation when we chanced upon this idea of starting an online library of old books where we would not charge for books but the reader has to exchange one book in order to borrow another book. Initially the idea came but also vanished as soon as it came, but was registered in my subconscious mind. finally i decided to work it out as once a week meetup in Bangalore where people will come and exchange their books and then return it a week later just to exchange another set of books.

After a lot of apprehension and Brainbeating I finally  arrived on the name KitabiKeeda the Hindi word for bookworm. And then started with the concept. created a facebook page for it and went ahead by sending the invitations to all my friends. finally first version of meetup was held on April 15th with Exchange of 8 books between three people with zero cost marketing.

I personally like to thank Nithun, Sujith, Noori, Lijo for being a part of it and helping me spread the word.

Click here to be a part of this open project.